Boosting Team Morale within a Small Business

Boosting Team Morale within a Small Business


Despite the fact that staff are absolutely vital to a company’s success, so much attention is paid to other aspects of the business, that the staff themselves are overlooked. Some managers and business leaders don’t realise the essential role of staff morale in building the brand. No matter what size the business, not valuing staff, or raising morale or engaging employees is a terrible mistake. With work to do and resources limited, the loss of any staff member – especially in a small business, can be catastrophic. But employees who feel that their feelings and opinions are valued will also add value to your business.

Employee engagement and morale is not just about job satisfaction. If your staff are engaged and feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work, this can be transformational to your business. Staff who are appreciated, who know that they are valued are more emotionally invested in your business and in its objectives not only make for a happy working environment – they increase productivity and profits!

Five ways to improve team morale and create a successful team:


Have a clear company vision

When leaders communicate a well-defined company vision, this enables staff to understand their collective purpose in achieving a shared goal. It engenders a feeling of belonging and gives a rationale for their work, and how they contribute. Help them to see the vision and direction you’re heading in. The bigger and more inspirational the company vision, the greater their success. Apple, Google and Microsoft have had world-changing through their leaders sharing their empowering and inspiring visions, that create staff buy-in.


Make work fun

Not enough leaders appreciate the value of working in a happy atmosphere and fun environment. This raises staff morale, reduces absenteeism and research shows it can increase productivity by over 17%. All are crucial in a small business. For example, the movie Pelé: Birth of a Legend demonstrates that when a team is working in complete harmony and, more significantly, making the process fun – success is more easily achievable. Make meetings enjoyable, have regular activities in team huddles, or introduce monthly staff challenges.  Invite staff to come up with ideas to inject fun into your workplace.


Develop and promote internally

Companies that promote from within their existing workforce have greater productivity and better morale, research has proved. Hire from within, and your staff already understand the company culture and expectations – and can hit the ground running. Invest in staff development, focus on staff retention and demonstrate opportunities for career growth. This helps staff to feel valued, stable and secure – and offers them opportunities to stretch themselves and achieve their ambitions without having to seek them elsewhere.


Celebrate success

Recognise and reward your staff members’ or company’s achievements. This lifts people’s spirits and builds a path to future success. Every staff member should be included to demonstrate that everyone is valued and to celebrate their individual contributions and achievements. Present certificates or gifts, give a bonus, go out for staff drinks or a meal, or get everyone together at a fixed time each week to reflect on successes and share their wins. Reviewing together and recognising your team’s individual and collective achievements unifies the team and strengthens it.


Reward staff loyalty

Most employers really value their long-serving employees, but do they show it?  Long-established staff are generally consistent performers, who deliver well over many years. They’re no trouble and don’t require attention, unlike poor performers. Consequently, they can get overlooked – yet they are vital to the business. Reward their loyalty through increases in annual leave allowance, or a similar incentive. Show your gratitude to staff, and it will pay dividends.


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